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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 @ 4:13 PM
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walaupun tdk mndapat result yg diimpikan
sekurg2nye x kne goreng dgn mak
anyway, brsyukur ade A gak
kpd kawan2 yg dpt result yg sgt cemerlang
jgn sombong dgn sy plak
semoga brjaya dlm kehidupan
kpd kawan2 yg senasib dgn sy
don't give up
ade lg chance to us
don't worry
be happy

Aiisyah, BiBi ..
korg dpt byk A dr sy
papepun, syok mkn dgn korg td
bb, cmoi taw b lapar
korg jgn lupe sy ni

tntg langkah yg seterusnya trserah kpd my mom
sy ikut pe yg die nk
sbb ape yg sy impikan hanya utk mak
mak, terima kasih jaga sy
terima kasih doakan sy
terima kasih utk segalanya
sy sayang mak !!

ok la..
setakat ini jela..
malas nk taip pnjg2..


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