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Tuesday, April 3, 2012 @ 10:52 PM
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sudah sekian lama tak update ^-^

dah bape bulan tak update kn..
rindu plak rsenye..
dulu cuti bole la selalu update..
skrg dok hostel, cmne la nk update..
byk prkara da brlaku..
dari november 2011 hinggalah pertengahan mac 2012..
nak cter malas nk taip..
nanti da rajin sy update la and story..
ade suka..
ade duka..
saat susah..
saat senang..
semuanya ade..
tapi, i don't want to story in this blog..
tgok kt blog sy yg lain ey..
x taw linknye..
just ask me..
simple je..


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